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"Signature Cue"

It's been a long time to arrive due to the New Signature Joint and it's expense and finding the right person to do the prototype. Big thanks to Neil Suckling for his time and help and most of all his patience with me in making the prototype. It's now here and had to be done for the dedicated player.

The Signature Cue consists of top of the range Shaft "yes chevrons".
New Signature Badge (choice of black or white)
A new "Signature" Joint, this joint I designed back in 1993. It's universal (used as a 3/4 joint or for the extension) It's made out of aircraft aluminium to maintain the natural forward balance of the cue. The joint has a rebate in the flange to give the shaft strength to stop it splitting. The joint is engraved with a unique number and also anodised.

The Signature Cue will be Certificated and the design of the butt is of your choice to keep it personal.



"Signature" Premier Cue £520


"Signature" Exquisite Cue £790


Design your own Signature Cue and please do call for a quote


Welcome to the Wright Cues website, makers of superior UK crafted, handmade snooker cues and pool cues. We also have a wide range of handmade cue cases and offer you telescopic cue extensions and hand made butts to choose from for your cue.
Every cue that is sold is handmade by Reg in his own workshop here in the UK and are very competitively priced.

Cues are made to your specifications, ensuring it is a perfect match for the player, giving you the confidence to get the most from your snooker cue or pool cue.

We use Ash and Maple shafts and create genuine
hand spliced butts using exotic hardwoods including Ebony and Rosewood. We also have a massive variety of premium grade veneers to choose from that ensures your cue will not only feel great but will look beautiful.

All Ash and Maple and all hardwood is hand picked by Reg.

There are so many types of snooker cues to choose from, i.e, design, weight, tip size, butt diameter and length. This is why we don't hold cues in stock, and only make them to your specification/order. So by all means contact Reg. Let's talk about what you want, and get it right for you.

All snooker/pool cues are made here in the workshop, I dont import from other countries. As all snooker/pool cues are made for each and individual person.

Please feel free to contact Reg for
any additional information or to discuss your individual requirements.


Opening Hours:-

Please do call before setting off to make sure that Reg is not out seeking materials

9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday

9.00am - 12.00pm Saturday

Emails and phone calls are taken from 9.00am - 5.00pm

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