About Us

I started playing pool at the age of 16 with a cheap cue. With in a year i was playing for Croydon County, although I am from Hull originally. The level of play was a very good standard but felt my cue just didn’t feel right. So i had a cue made for me which helped me play to a much higher standard altogether, as I could feel the ball. As my play improved it intrigued me to how cues were made. As being a qualified joiner I decided to make my own cue.

In 1990 I moved back to Hull and started playing both snooker and pool but much more pool, playing for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday leagues (All Division 1). I also played for Hull County League. In 1991 I won the Tuesday League Singles and 1992 Monday League Singles, qualified enough points to play for England, also a semi finalist of the Castella Open.
As one of the best players in Hull, other players knew that I played the game to a high standard with my own handmade cue. People asked me to start making cues for them. Going back some 20 years Jan Purdy (Hull County player) was the first person to ask me to make her a cue and was still using the same cue up until 2009 when I decided to treat her to a new cue “The Purdy” (see cues).

There are a few quality cue makers in this country. Luckily I work from home myself and therefore do not have the overheads that other cue makers have, hence my prices are competitive but the quality is just as good if not better.
The cues that I have on this website are just a few cues that have been made. I can make any specific cue you desire. I not only make cues but repair them too. I would like to think that I can provide a service on a more personal level as a player myself, I know how important it is to have a cue that feels right i.e. weight, balance etc. Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss your requirements. Collection of completed cues can be made in person or delivery by courier (additional charge).