Repairs Price List

• Re-tip cue £5.00

• Re-fit new brass ferrule only, same size (no Tip) £12.00

• Re-fit smaller brass ferrule and taper shaft (no Tip) £15.00

• Re-fit brass ferrule and tip (same size) £15.00

• Re-fit smaller brass ferrule and tip plus taper shaft £25.00

• Re-weight cue (increase/decrease) from £25.00

• Clean, oil, re-grain and wax whole cue from £40.00

• Remove lacquer, oil and wax whole cue £30.00

• Remove lacquer, oil, re-grain and wax whole cue £50.00

• Make 1 piece into 2 piece From £50.00

• S.D. joint to butt of cue £20.00

• Mini butt £30.00

• Mini butt with S.D. joint fitted to cue £40.00

• 12” butt £50.00

• 12” butt with S.D. joint to cue £60.00

• New shaft from £80.00

• Cue shortening, please call for a price

• Extending cue, please call for a price

• Extra splicing and veneers please see below under Alterations

Please be aware that all repairs and alterations are at the owner risk. 




This is an example of the work we carried out on a cue that is owned by Alan Newbiggin from Hull.
This cue has had 4 Thuya Burr splices added to the butt.

Alterations are now becoming the in-thing with players.

So many people now require their cue butt spliced with facings and veneers due to today's financial climate.

0.6mm Veneer £10 each. (Red | Yellow | White | Black | Green | Blue).
1.5mm Veneer £15 each. (Red | Yellow | Maple | Black | Green | Blue).

Splices/Face splice
Hardwoods £25 each
Burrs £35 Each

As you can imagine there are so many alterations that can be made to a cue, It is very hard for us to put every price on this web site.

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

Please do call, and Reg will speak to you and go over everything that is required for your cue.
We do prefer you to call us as emailing can become very long winded (ping pong emailing) and takes so much time to explain and help you with your enquiry.


Please contact Wright Cues for anything not listed above 07967133737 or email
Please note that any repairs or cues made under 9.5mm ferrule, will not be guaranteed, i.e. snapping off or warping.
Also take note, before you send your cue in for repair, enclose repair instructions, also phone or email before you send the cue to us.

This is important. If you are sending the cue to us, please put an additional cost of postage. This will vary depending on your location, This is so we can cover the cost of sending your cue back to you.